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Hi, I’m Lisa. I am a singer and a healer. I am passionate about helping people, especially women, to access their own natural connection to source, and cultivate the creativity which springs from our unique gifts.creates the conditions for optimal health, vitality and fulfillment.

Brennan Energy Healing

“All healing is coming home to the self”

-Dr Barbara Brennan

A one-to-one treatment balancing the physical, energetic, emotional and mental systems. As blocks are  cleared,  energy  flows more freely, stimulating  healing on multiple levels. You  can  learn  to  transform  your  negative  beliefs  and  habitual patterns  in  your  body.  This  will  allow  your energy  and  creative  gifts  to  flow  freely  so  you  can  express  your  magnificence!

Creative Coaching

You have everything you need 

to create the life you long for.

Can  you  imagine  for  a  moment  that  this  is  possible?  

We  are so conditioned  to  look  outside  of  ourselves  for  what  we  think  we  are  missing.  I  have  found  that  the  greatest  shifts  happen  when  we  start  to  turn  inward  and  cultivate  our  deepest  pleasure,  which  leads  us  to  our  unique  gifts  and  our  life  purpose.


Learn how to tap into your inner well of resources to create the life you long for.