In her first full-length album, Lisa Doscher charts her last 10 years of diverse musical experience with introspective songwriting and her atmospheric alt-folk sound. Aptly titled ‘Return Home,’ the songs each provide a landscape for some discovery that is essential for understanding one’s place in the world. Comparisons are often made to Joni Mitchell (Will Gompertz BBC Radio Oxford) but the rhythmic influences in her music set Lisa’s writing against a more current backdrop. The intuitive interpretation of guitarist (and Singer-Songwriter) Bob Heath lends itself to the evocative nature of the arrangements. From the catchy Spanish-influenced hook in 'How Do You Know Me,' to the bare beauty of 'Rain Falls' with its almost country twang, this album is something to delve into and experience.

     Lisa is far from home in a sense, having relocated to Oxfordshire, UK from New Hampshire, USA five years ago, but she finds herself, on either side of the Atlantic, deeply inspired by the natural surroundings. Her songs feature the cool mountain lakes of New Hampshire as much as the quiet country lanes that she now walks (in all weather) to spark the creative process. Lisa is also a music teacher and song-leader, giving workshops on the power of the creative process in living a vital life. Lisa enjoys playing intimate venues in the UK and USA when she can, and is playing select festivals this summer. She will be embarking on a house concert tour in the Southwest this Autumn and is currently working on material for her next album.

The Road to here...

As one fan recounts, ‘…listening to ‘Return Home’ is like going on a journey; it's rare that I want to listen to a whole album again, but we just kept playing it over and over!’ -Bernadette Yao, Boston USA

Lisa has taken many inspiring musical journeys as her early studies took her around the world. She elaborates on one: ‘One year I upped sticks and moved from New Jersey to Georgia to live in a community called Koinonia that was very influential in the Civil Rights movement. I volunteered working on the farm but ended up singing impromptu old-time gospel with some of the local folk. These people had so much soul it was contagious. Singing was just a way of life, and this resonated so deeply with who I am and why I sing. We ended up singing most days at lunch for everyone who passed through and even recorded a CD at the end of the year!’ Lisa also sang briefly with the Albany, GA Freedom Singers and toured with a professional a cappella group, ‘Olympia’s Daughters,’ and these influences can be heard clearly in her soulful a cappella song ‘My Love’ on the album.

Other musical influences Lisa cites are singing folk songs around the campfire as a child, by icons such as Pete Seeger and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Later on, her style was inspired by the Indigo Girls, Ani DiFranco, Erykah Badu and Lucinda Williams to name a few. She adds, ‘Singing harmony is what really does it for me. I am a folk musician at heart and love the feeling of harmonies coming in at just the right time, and the interplay of different musical ideas.’ Apart from singing in harmony, Lisa has honed the use of her voice to create just the right effect; her voice can feel uplifting or raw, warm or penetrating.  The songs on ‘Return Home’ invite wonder, consideration and celebration but most of all are a calling to come back to what is real in life and to delight in all that can be felt.

Location: Oxford, UK
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