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Bio: Return Home

In her first full-length album, Lisa Doscher charts her last 10 years of diverse musical experience with introspective songwriting and her atmospheric alt-folk sound. Aptly titled ‘Return Home,’ the songs each provide a landscape for some discovery that is essential for understanding one’s place in the world. Comparisons are often made to Joni Mitchell (Will Gompertz BBC Radio Oxford ) but the rhythmic influences in her music set Lisa’s writing against a more current backdrop. The intuitive interpretation of guitarist (and Singer-Songwriter) Bob Heath lends itself to the evocative nature of the arrangements. From the catchy Spanish-influenced hook in 'How Do You Know Me,' to the bare beauty of 'Rain Falls' with its almost country twang, this album is something to delve into and experience...Read more about Lisa here.

“This is a wonderful album… great production, musicianship, stirring songwriting, …and a lovely voice! Congratulations, a huge feat…”

-Joy Adler, award-winning singer/songwriter and sound healer, NY,USA

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