Singing from the soul, expressing who we are in community

Song Connections
Singing as a community is a part of our collective heritage as human beings. Ancient cultures sang to express their connection to each other and all that is; they sang for celebration and mourning, but perhaps more importantly as part of everyday activities. 
10:00 Registration and Coffee
We will begin with fun and easy warm-ups to ease us into using the voice for singing. This will allow the voice to flow freely and is especially helpful to beginners, as well as more experienced singers looking to develop the voice more. 
We will explore cultural songs of the British Isles and their different expressions i.e. American folk music.
12:30 Lunch (Bring your own picnic)
Contemporary Songs of the British Isles and beyond
The day will conclude with a sing-through of all songs learned in the day, with the opportunity to record the group singing using personal phones/iPads to take what you have learned home.

We follow the Natural Voice Practitioner Network code of practice which states that all are welcome and there is no need to read music as it is taught orally. You can read more about this and the NVPN here.

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Lisa Doscher is a Certified Brennan Energy Healer, Singer-Songwriter, Natural Voice Practitioner and teacher.