Singing in Harmony

Singing from the soul, expressing who we are in community

This course will allow us to explore the fun and benefits of singing together, as well as for participants to learn how to connect more to their own voices, which creates more enjoyment of the sound we make with our own voices and of singing with others. We will sing popular songs that have meaning for us and harmony songs from various cultures.

We will focus on the feeling you get when singing and how you make your sound. Experiencing sound as energy, we will learn to allow the energy to flow. We will address any blocks, inhibitions and beliefs about your voice and letting it be heard in a safe space. In short, it will be like a yoga class for the voice, and will increase your enjoyment of singing as well as your health and well-being.

We follow the Natural Voice Practitioner Network code of practice which states that all are welcome and there is no need to read music as it is taught orally. You can read more about this and the NVPN here.

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Lisa Doscher is a Certified Brennan Energy Healer, Singer-Songwriter, Natural Voice Practitioner and teacher.